Mary & Garry Moreland 30th Anniversary

MaryGarryMary & Garry Moreland 30th Anniversary

We had the pleasure of attending the Moreland’s 30th wedding anniversary on August 19th, 2014. Two of Mary and Garry’s children were born on August 19th which made the event even more unique. We arrived and Lisa was handed Mary’s camera and asked to take some photographs of the event. I only had my cell phone and between Lisa and myself we were able to capture most of the highlights and assemble them into this video tribute. Garry gave his own vows which were very touching. The audio on some of the sections is not as loud as I would have liked, but with a cell phone 20 feet away it’s about as good as it will get.

There were many friends, family, and food out at their lake side home. We created this keepsake for all those who witnessed the love between Mary and Garry. Congratulations to 30 more years of happiness for the Moreland’s and happy birthday to Julianne and David Moreland. Turn up your speakers and we hope you enjoy the small thank you we have prepared for Mary, Garry, Julianne and David.

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